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Hello Brides, 

D.I.Y. flowers for your wedding is not a bad idea when you have 50 - 100 people or less for your wedding.  Of course, it also depend how big you want your centerpieces to be.  If you are aiming something glamorous like those seen on Pintrest.com,  I would highly recommended that you hire a wedding florist.  Remember beautiful brides that your hands and finger nails will be very dirty after D.I.Y bouquets and centerpieces.  

Some brides wonder why wedding florist cost so much.  Let's exam why below:

1) Your Florist needs to spend time to order and pick up the flowers per your request wedding color. 

2) Needs to cut and remove all the leaves on each flower to condition. 

4) Needs to spend an enormous of time to design and arrange the bouquets and centerpieces.

5) Needs to buy extra flowers to ensure flowers are fresh.

6) Needs to carefully transports all the wedding flowers to the venue.

7) Needs to spend hours at the venue to decorate.

8) Flower itself is expensive

9) Expenses such as floral products or vases


Overall, your wedding florist spends at least 3 more  days to prepare  your wedding, and needs to hire extra assistances for your wedding.  If you D.I.Y your wedding flowers, it can be very stressful.  Hiring a wedding florist can take away all of this stress.  I hope this helps you understand why wedding florist is not cheap.   Thank you!


C. Liang 

Pure Devotion Wedding Coordinator & Planner

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