Hydrangeas... an all season flower Pure Devotion Wedding Photography and Videography

February 16, 2017  •  1 Comment

Hi All,

All lot of wedding couples use Hydrangea for their weddings because this flower is available all seasons.  I would like to share with you step by step how to condition a Hydrangea.

1) Remove all leaves 

2) Cut off 2-3 inches of the stem

3) Cut in the middle of the stem (1 - 2 inches)

3) Put in "Quick Dip" solution for 2-3 seconds

4) Put the Hydrangea in 3/4 full in water (flower food already in water)


Hydrangeas comes in all shades of color.  If you want natural colors such as blue, pink or purple these might have to be imported so it will be very expensive.  White Hydrangeas is available all year round. 


C. Liang

Pure Devotion Wedding Coordinator/ Planner

Pure Devotion Wedding Photography and Videography





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