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Dear All,

This weekend Pure Devotion Team went to a located trip, drove three hours to Fresno, CA, to take photos of Cherry Bloom Flowers. Unfortunately, our team went in mid of March, a bit disappointed because many flowers have fallen off the trees, and farm owners cleaned all the petals on the ground. Also the grounds are no longer filled with green grasses. We missed the peak of the cherry blooming time in February which is very sad.  I personally love cherry blossoms so will return next year with our team to take dramatic photos with pink bloom flowers and endless beautiful pink petals on the ground.

We were in hope that we could capture some dramatic sunset photos. The photographer explained to me there are no clouds today, and if sunset photos were to be taken it wold be very flat with no contrast.  He also explained to me that even though the orchard is filled with blooming flowers, the photos will not be as eye catching or as amazing as the ones if were taken in Japan cause we are in a flat piece of land with no background in the back as the Fuji mountain or historical temples.  I have learned a lot of how to compose good photos from this trip. Well, if it is worth to do drive three hours from San Francisco to Fresno to see Cherry Blossom is a personal choice.  At least I know now that I can stay at Fresno for a night and go to Los Angeles.

FYI: Our photographer also told me that he had took photos of thousands and thousands of goose migrating to Fresno area (please do your research for the exact location.)  I look forward to next year to see cherry blossom and goose migration next year!!



C. Liang

Pure Devotion Wedding Coordinator/ Planner

Pure Devotion Wedding Photography and Videography




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